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23.1.2024 Passenger Plane Crashes in Badakhshan
The Ministry of Transport and Aviation released a video of the site of the
passenger plane crash and wrote on X that the plane crashed in Koof- Aab
district of Badakhshan province. According to the ministry, the pilot was
found by the rescue team of the Islamic Emirate.

The ministry reported from the pilot that four people including the pilot
himself survived.

The ministry said that efforts are underway to find the rest of the

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation in an earlier statement said that
“the Russian private jet (FALCON -10) with 6 passengers was heading from
India to Tashkent and went out of radar Saturday night around 07:00 PM.”

Earlier, the department of Information and Culture of Badakhshan,
Zabihullah Amiri told TOLOnews that the plane crashed in the mountains of
Topkhana within the area of districts of Kuran-Munjan and Zibak of

He initially said that the plane was Indian, although information is still
being gathered to determine its origin. He said that a team has been sent
to the area to investigate the incident.

But the X account of India's Ministry of Civil Aviation denied that the
plane was Indian.

“The unfortunate plane crash that has just occurred in Afghanistan is
neither an Indian Scheduled Aircraft nor a Non Scheduled (NSOP)/Charter

Indian’s Civil Aviation Ministry said on X. “It is a Moroccan registered
small aircraft. More details are awaited.”

The Afghanistan’s Ministry of Civil Aviation and Transport said in a
statement that the plane’s path was not within Afghanistan’s air space but
due to technical problems it was diverted from its path.

Based on initial information, the statement said, “the Russian private jet
(FALCON -10) with 6 passengers was heading from India to Tashkent and went
out of radar last night around 07:00PM.”

Meanwhile, Reuters reported from Russian aviation authorities that a
Russian-registered plane with six people thought to be on board
disappeared from radar screens over Afghanistan the previous night, after
local Afghan police said they had received reports of a crash.

Russian aviation authorities said in a statement the plane was a charter
ambulance flight traveling from India, via Uzbekistan to Moscow on a
French-made Dassault Aviation Falcon 10 jet manufactured in 1978.

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