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9.4.2021    Taliban destroys bridge on Kabul-Jalalabad highway

Taliban destroyed a bridge on the Kabul-Jalalabad’s second-lane road in Surkhrod district of Nangarhar province, Pajhwok News reported. The bridge was blown following the Taliban attacks on a checkpoint in Fatehabad area of the district. The second-lane was mostly used by residents of Sararud, Khogyani, Sherzad and Hesarak districts. As the Taliban militants dynamited the bridge, Afghan National Army temporarily repaired the damaged bridge for the traffic. According to Pajhwok Taliban insurgents were responsible for bridge’s destruction. Taliban have not yet commented on the incident.

9.4.2021    80 security forces killed defending dams

KABUL (SW) – At least 80 security forces laid their lives security different dams in Afghanistan in past two years. Sources told Salam Watandar the Taliban staged at least 118 armed assaults on various water management projects that also injured over 80 security forces. As per the details, most of the casualties were seen in Dehndra Dam in Faryab province where 31 security forces got killed and 21 others got wounded in terrorist attacks. This was followed by Machalgho Dam in Paktia where 29 security forces got killed and 42 other got hurt in similar attacks. Thirdly, Salma Dam in Herat also known as Afghanistan – India Friendship Dam, saw 14 security forces killed and 14 other wounded while defending it. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani last month inaugurated Kamal Khan in Nimroz province that has the capacity to store over 50 million cubic meters of water. He also laid floral wreaths at the memorial of Afghan security forces who lost their lives guarding the dam. According to the country’s National Water Affairs Regulation Authority, the project would help irrigate close to 175,000 hectares of land besides generating up to nine megawatts of electricity.

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