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27.4.2021 Blast in mosque causes 20 casualties among Taliban in Herat
At least 20 Taliban insurgents are believed to have been wounded and killed
in Herat as they were placing explosives in vests designed for suicide
attacks, officials said on Sunday.

Herat officials said a powerful explosion at a mosque in the
Pashtun-e-Zarghun district of the province has killed and wounded 20
Taliban fighters.

Herat Governor Sayed Abdul Wahid Qatali said that around 11 a.m, a number
of Taliban fighters were preparing suicide vests and roadside bombs in a
mosque in the village of Marabad in Pashtun-Zarghoon district when the
blast rocked the place.

The governor of Herat added that it was not yet clear exactly how many
Taliban were killed and how many were wounded. The blast is said to have
also destroyed a large amount of explosives hidden in the mosque.

According to officials, the Taliban surround the Pashtun Zarghoon district
market following the blast.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the blas

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