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28.3.2021 Taliban attacks district’s center: Kandahar Police
Local officials in Kandahar province say Taliban fighters attacked the
center of Arghistan district before noon on Saturday.

According to the officials, Taliban militants launched their offensives in
the region following the massive two-car bomb explosions in the district.

The security chief of Kandahar Police HQ told the media that the
explosions were caused by armored vehicles filled with explosives by the

The security chief of the Kandahar province reported that Taliban
militants after the explosion started attacking the Arghistan district’s

Afridi also stated that commandos and Afghan special forces backed by air
support were deployed to the region and are currently fighting Taliban

The security chief of Kandahar police also said that a number of
government security force members and the Taliban were killed and wounded
during the skirmishes.

Meanwhile, sourced indicated that three security force members were killed
and four others are wounded.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming they have
inflicted heavy casualties on the government forces.

This comes as sources in Herat province reported that five people uprising
force members were killed in a Taliban attack on a security checkpoint in
Kohsan district of the province.

On condition of anonymity, a source told the media that the incident took
place on Friday in the Kal-Ghambar area of Kohsan district.

At least five local uprising forces were killed and Taliban have taken
several weapons belonging to the force with them.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the incident.

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