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6.2.2021 Taliban ordered to return, warns of major battle
Taliban fighters have reportedly been called out of their traditional
winter break from fighting to front-line duty, three militant leaders told
NBC News, amid growing concerns within the group that the new Biden
administration will stop the withdrawal of foreign troops.

NBC News in a report said, that the Taliban are preparing for the War
after their traditional break, three Taliban leaders have told NBC news.

According to NBC News, Taliban commanders and groups shadow governors are
ordered to return to the frontlines and to their positions and attend
special sessions to plan future strategies.

A study group assigned by the US congress also earlier had reported that
Afghanistan will be on the brink of a  new civil war if US troops make a
hasty, irresponsible full withdrawal.

According to NBC, a Taliban political leader in Qatar, said that the
groups plans were to capture the big and strategical provinces of
Afghanistan in case the peace process takes another turn.

NBC reported Taliban commanders in key districts were recalled to take

Taliban told NBC that their leadership should also address multiple
problems including deadlock in the peace process and doubted on the new
US administration.

The US administration is currently reviewing the situation and US-Taliban
deal and asked for a delay of troops withdrawal.

This comes on the heels of a Taliban statement that warned the US
government that breaking the February deal will result in Major war if
the Biden administration does not stand to its commitment to withdraw
troops by end of April.

If the Doha agreement is abrogated, it will lead to a major war, the
responsibility of which shall fall squarely on the shoulders of America,
Taliban statement added, If God forbid, the Doha agreement is breached,
it will lead to a dangerous escalation for which the opposing side will be

all must desist from provocative actions and rhetoric that could lead us
all back to former war footing posture because such is neither in the
interest of America nor in the interest of the Afghan people, the Taliban

Stating against the International Crisis Groups report, that the US is
required to extend the deadline for full withdrawal

This is not enough time for the new administration to set its policy
course and evaluate Taliban compliance with the counter-terrorism
assurances it provided in the February deal.

Nor is it sufficient time for the Afghan parties  who, for instance,
spent three months negotiating a brief set of procedural rules for talks 
to notch any meaningful agreements, ICG said in a statement.

This comes amid stalled peace talks, the surge in violence, and
uncertainty in new international plans for Afghanistan.

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