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25.11.2021 US Envoy on Afghanistan to Return to Doha to Meet Taliban
The US Special Representative for Afghanistan will visit Doha next week for
two days of meetings with leaders of the Taliban, State Department
spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday.

"They’ll discuss ... our vital national interests when it comes to
Afghanistan," said Price. "That includes counterterrorism, that includes
safe passage for US citizens and for Afghans to whom we have a special
commitment and that includes humanitarian assistance and the economic
situation of the country.”

The US envoy, Tom West, earlier this month attended a meeting of the
extended Troika, comprising Pakistan, China, Russia and the United States
to discuss Afghanistan. The group had also met with senior Taliban

West was also part of the U.S. delegation in meetings with Taliban
officials in Doha in October, the first such talks between Washington and
the Taliban after United States' chaotic end to its two decade-long war in
Afghanistan on Aug. 31.

On November 8, West started his first trip in this role to Europe and Asia
as the US special envoy for Afghanistan. He visited Brussels and consulted
with EU and US allies on Afghanistan.

On November 12, West went to Islamabad and joined the Troika Plus meeting
on Afghanistan.

Before visiting India, West went to Russia and met with Russian officials
on Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, an Islamic Emirate delegation led by acting foreign minister
Amir Khan Muttaqi will hold talks with the US and EU delegations in Doha
from November 27 to 29 on the release of bank assets, humanitarian aid,
education, public health and the reopening and security of embassies in
Kabul, said Foreign Ministry.

Officials from the education, health and finance ministries, as well as
from security departments and Afghanistan’s central bank will be included
in the delegation, the Foreign Ministry said.

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