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14.10.2021 Islamic Emirate Asks US, EU to End Sanctions
The delegation of the Islamic Emirate in a meeting with US and European
envoys urged the world to lift sanctions on the Islamic Emirate and “let
banks operate normally.”

The foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday evening that the
delegation of the Islamic Emirate, led by acting foreign minister Amir
Khan Muttaqi, held talks with the representatives of the US and European
countries in Doha.

Muttaqi said the payment of civil servants' salaries and the resumption of
unfinished economic projects are the priority. “In this regard we urge
world countries to end existing sanctions and let banks operate normally,
so that charity groups, organizations, and the government can pay salaries
to their staff with their own reserves and international financial
assistance,” Muttaqi said.

The current situation in Afghanistan, relations with other countries,
prevailing economic difficulties, humanitarian assistance, the resumption
of incomplete development projects, and existing sanctions were discussed,
reads the statement.

“Weakening the Afghan government is not in the interest of anyone because
its negative effects will directly affect the world in the security sector
and economic migration from the country,” Muttaqi said, according to the

Meanwhile, the US State Department spokesman Ned Price also said a meeting
was held with the Islamic Emirate delegation in Doha where officials from
the European Union were present.

Talking to a news conference on Wednesday, Qatar's foreign minister,
Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, said there was no clear path for
releasing Afghanistan’s assets.

However, according to the ministry’s statement, the participants agreed to
hold similar meetings in the future as well.

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