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13.10.2021 Leaders of G20 pledge to accelerate humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan
G20 special summit virtually hosted by Italy conducted on Tuesday, October
12 in which the leaders agreed to work together to avoid a humanitarian
disaster in Afghanistan.

They said that for the acceleration of their humanitarian efforts in
Afghanistan, the member states have to maintain contact with the Taliban.

Members of the G20 vowed to accelerate aid to the people of Afghanistan
amid concerns that an already vulnerable situation in the country will
grow catastrophic as winter is approaching.

They also demanded that the Taliban government allow humanitarian access
across Afghanistan, keep Kabul Airport and the country’s borders open and
ensure security for UN, humanitarian and diplomatic staff.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that engagement with the Taliban
is important to get humanitarian aids distributed but added that this
engagement does not mean the recognition of the Taliban.

The Italian PM added that the Taliban’s caretaker cabinet is neither
inclusive nor representative added that the Taliban will return to 20
years ago until and unless they respect women’s rights.

At the summit, European Union pledged a package of one billion Euros in
humanitarian aids that will directly be given to the people of

The Chinese and Russian presidents were represented by the foreign
ministers but the US president Joe Biden participated in the summit.

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