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26.7.2020 Trail of shady deals by former health minister Feroz
KABUL (SW) – Evidence collected by Salam Watandar indicates former health
minister Ferozuddin Feroz was involved in embezzlement of funds,
corruption and violations of laws.

Feroz was in charge of this ministry for more than five years before he
was replaced by the government recently.

The evidence shows that the former minister, after taking over the
ministry, handed over several large-scale projects to his own private firm
under the name of GIA or Afghanistan Governance Strengthening and Institute
of Public Health Management and Research Courses. He is also complicit in
appointing Shafeequllah Shaheem, deputy head of finance at IPHMRC as
deputy health minister.

Feroz also appointed Dr. Hedayatullah Stanekzai, head of the IPHMRC, as
senior adviser at the public health ministry.

Sources say that after the formation of the triangle of "Feroz, Shaheem
and Stanekzai" at the health ministry, they colluded and cooperated in
several projects, the big example of which is the "Second Cluster" project
in Ghazni province. This project was handed over to the IPHMRC without the
due legal process at a throwaway rate.

We wished to have the views of Dr. Feroz, but the former minister refused
to respond despite repeated contacts and messages by Salam Watandar.

Documents obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that Feroz
also signed a letter asking to attend the 31st International Congress of
Midwives. In addition to himself, this letter also demanded that Dr.
Mohammad Davood Azimi, the head of human resources and a person named
Mustafa Sharifi, who has been introduced as the secretary / assistant,
attend the midwives congress.

Sources told Salam Watandar that Mustafa Sharifi, the son of Dr. Feroz, is
not an employee of the Ministry of Public Health, but was fraudulently
appointed as secretary for the trip to Canada, and from there he has not
returned to Afghanistan.

Akmal Samsour, a spokesman for the MoPH, said while responding to a
question about it that there is no individual by the name of Mustafa
Sharifi registered as employee. He added that based on the documents, in
2017, only the former minister Feroz and Davood Azimi, head of human
resources at the MoPH, traveled to Canada to attend the 31st Midwives
Congress. However, Samsor refused to provide any information about the
salaries and perks of Shahim and Stanekzai and their links to the IPHMRC.

When contacted, Zahra Mirzaei, president of the Midwives Association of
Afghanistan, said that in 2017, a number of midwives attended a meeting at
the MoPH on the trip to Canada. According to her, the association has no
information on the return or non-return of midwives who traveled to Canada
for the congress.

Recently, many more allegations, including smuggling of ventilators to
Pakistan and embezzlement of funds meant for fighting coronavirus
pandemic, have been levelled against the former leadership of the health


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