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24.7.2020 US Forces Exit 2 Bases in Nangarhar: Local Officials
The commander of Afghan Border Forces Mohammad Ayoub Hussainkhel on
Wednesday said that the US forces have withdrawn from two bases in
Nangarhar province in the east, one in Achin and the other in Haska Mena

He said that Afghan forces have now deployed in these bases.

A TOLOnews correspondent who visited one of the bases reported on
Wednesday that it is now under the control of the Afghan border forces.

However, residents in the area said that they are concerned about their

“Recently the coalition forces withdrew from two bases in Nangarhar-- one
in Momand Dara’s Assadkhel region of Achin,” said the commander of Afghan
Border Forces, Mohammad Ayoub Hussainkhel.

“Our houses were destroyed, many people were killed and wounded, who is
there to compensate us now?” said Salim, a resident in Nangarhar.

“God willing, there will be no problems in the future, so far the Taliban
or other terrorist groups have not launched any major offensives here,”
said Obaidullah Shinwari, the deputy head of Nangarhar's provincial

Haska Mena and Achin district of Nangarhar in recent years were major
battlefields between the Afghan forces and the Daesh militant group. US
forces were supporting Afghan troops in their anti-Daesh campaign.

Now Daesh has no presence in Haska Mena or Achin. But there is a Taliban
presence in some areas of the district.

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