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14.7.2020 The paradoxical deal of US, Taliban and the Afghan government
After two decades of war against terrorism and the Taliban, the United
States of America and its allies have signed a landmark deal with the
Taliban in order to diminish the Talibans antagonism against civilian and
anti-US atrocities to end at once the past decades of war in Afghanistan.
Zalmay Khalilzad the US special representative of the Afghanistan
reconciliation peace process signed the agreement with the chief committee
of Taliban Mullah Abdul Ghani brother in Qatar, Doha on 29 February 2020.
Recently, the former chief advisor of the national security council of
America John Bolton claimed in his controversial book the room where it
happened; cited that, trump opposed to continuing US military presence in
Afghanistan because he had campaigned to end  the Endless Wars in faraway
distanced unattached to US geography. This deal brings hope, peace, and
security to Afghans through which there will be prosperous modern and
educated Afghanistan.

Contrary to Afghans hope, the US and Taliban are the focal points of the
agreement regardless of the Afghan legitimate government. Realistically
viewing, there is no room for the Afghan government and it seems
paradoxical and ambiguous deal to every rational thinker who knows about
Afghanistan. This reconciliation deal has benefited the Taliban regardless
of their attacks on civilians and government personals. Taliban group have
officially claimed the responsibilities of various martyred in mosques,
school and hospital which is totally against religious Islamic laws and
human rights.

According to this deal, US should withdraw all troops within 14 months
while it is opposite to the agreement that has been signed by US and
government of Afghanistan in 2014. Another article of the agreement states
that after this agreement, there should not be any Attack on US troops,
without delegitimizing any attack on the ANSDF and civilians which is
seemingly an ambiguous deal. Ostensibly, the Talibans behavior has not
been changed yet. Because the number of attacks on the National Army of
Afghanistan had recorded high after nineteen years of ANSDF establishment.
Although, its agreed by the Taliban to minimize their operations on
civilians and Afghan National Security Forces. Neither they decrease nor
take off from battlefields. Contrary to the agreement, Taliban suicide
attacks have been outnumbered or either it astray to violate the agreement
but consistently continuing their Attacks according to the National
Security Council of Afghanistan, in the last two weeks Taliban killed More
than 250 Army Officers.

Despite these domestic issues which briefly mentioned, and if we look to
the foreign aspects in order to bring peace and stability in the region
especially in Afghanistan. Indeed, it must contain, International and
regional consensus in the particular lieu by involving its neighboring
countries specifically four plus two Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Russia
and the United States of America.

Though we have taken some steps to enhance the peace process but
experienced the sway of its consequences against the Afghan government.
For instance, the ambiguous role of Iran on Afghanistan land has not
benefited Afghans due to Irans auspicious eyed to control economical hub
in the western province of Herat by propagating ethnic and religious sect
issues by stipulating Hazara Shiites, Uzbek and Tajik minorities to
strengthen its own culture role in the region which provokes US interest
in the region that obviously takes a stand to oust Irans hegemony at
least in Afghanistan. Till now, we havent witnessed any positive role
except economical gains and the untouched market for trade purposes that
only benefits Irans long term policies in its own favor. Secondly, it is
also believed that Pakistan used the Taliban for its proxies against India
and vice versa, though difficult to pursue for both parties to step in to
and follow there absolute gain against one and another.

Recently, the New York Times newspaper, reported that President Donald
Trump knew about the cash assisted to Taliban by the Russian to kill the
US troops in Afghanistan; Although US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has
talked with Mullah Abdul Ghani Brother the chief committee of Taliban in
Doha about this concerning issue, but Mullah Brother refused such claims.
U.S. and Afghan government prerequisite for a strong consensus in
International, regional and domestic to bring peace and security
specifically in Afghanistan and region. However, it seems that the United
States of America wants to solve the issue in the absence of
international, regional and domestic consensus that it would not be in
Afghanistans fortune beneficent.

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