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18.5.2020 Salahuddin Rabbani reacts to signing of agreement between Abdullah and Ghani
Salahuddin Rabbani, the leader of Jamait-e Islami, reacted to the signing
of an agreement between Abdullah Abdullah and Mohammad Ashraf Ghani,
emphasizing that Jamiat-e Islami was not involved in Abdullah’s decision
to sign the agreement.

In a statement issued earlier today, Rabbani said Jamiat-e Islami’s stance
has been clear regarding the 2019 presidential elections which were
conducted in contrast to electoral laws and regulations and lacked the
required standards to support its legitimacy.

The statement further added that Jamiat-e Islami has been emphasizing that
formation of any kind of government based on 2019 presidential elections,
will have no legitimacy and legal credibility.

Meanwhile, Rabbani added that Jamiat-e Islami was not against the
formation of a non-centralized government based on an agreement between
all key political parties considering the evolving situation including the
signing of a pace deal between the U.S. and Taliban, preparations for
foreign forces withdrawal and launch of intra-Afghan talks as well as
evolving situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

However, he said the votes and will of people were not considered and
credibility of democratic processes were severely harmed after the two
leaders signed the agreement and enrosed the results of a fraudulent

Ghani and Abdullah signed an agreement on Sunday to end the political
impasse which intensified following the controversial announcement of
presidential elections.

Both Ghani and Abdullah took oath of the office in March which further
sparked tensions on political level in the country.

The signing of the agreement was widely welcomed as the tensions on
political level were considered as the main barrier towards the
advancement of reconciliation process, mainly the launch of the
intra-Afghan talks following the signing of U.S.-Taliban peace deal late
in February this year.

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