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13.2.2020 VP Dostum warns to form ‘parallel government’
Abdul Rashid Dostum, first vice president, has warned further delay in
announcement of the presidential polls’ results is not acceptable.

He said this addressing a ceremony to mark the birthdays of Amir Ali Sher
Nawai and Zaheer Uddin Mohammad Babur in Shebarghan, Jawzjan's on Thur. He
said that the ‘Peace and Stability’ team awaits fair and final results from
the election commission.

The first vice president warned that a fraudulent government will not
accept and people would stand against it, and even form a parallel
government led by Abdullah Abdullah. He claimed the Peace and Stability
team led by Chief Executive Abdullah has gained more votes than any other

In a part of his speech, the vice president welcomed progress in peace
talks and the possibility of signing of an agreement between the United
States and the Taliban to reduce violence. Dostum also warned of the
formation of al-Qaeda in Sar-e Pul province, and the intensification of
war in the northern provinces of the country. He said that the northern
provinces are under the control of the Taliban. He said a number of
districts are currently closed and if the security measures are not taken
seriously, the security situation in the north will deteriorate by the
beginning of next year.

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