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21.11.2020    Ракетный обстрел Кабула: 8 убитых, более 30 раненых

По меньшей мере восемь человек погибли в субботу в результате массированного ракетного обстрела Кабула. Согласно данным представителей Минздрава, более 30 человек ранены. По словам официального представителя министерства внутренних дел Тарика Арьяна, в ходе обстрела было выпущено в общей сложности 23 реактивных снаряда. Он подтвердил, что восемь человек погибли и еще 31 получил ранения. До настоящего времени никто не взял на себя непосредственную ответственность за это нападение. Талибы отрицают свою причастность к обстрелу афганской столицы. -0-

21.11.2020    9 Killed, 34 Wounded in Kabul Shelling And Magnetic Mine Blasts

According to Kabul Police in two separate incidents, at least one security member and three others are injured in Kabul incidents. Spokesman to Kabul Police, told media, at around 07:15 am a ranger type vehicle was targeted with a magnetic mine, leaving one security member dead and injured three others. On the other hand, a Ford vehicle was targeted with a magnetic mine in the Chehelsotun area of Kabul city, fortunately, the blast did not have any casualties. This comes as 23 rocket shells struck various parts of Kabul city on Saturday morning, there are no exact reports on the dead and wounded, Tariq Arian, Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior reported. Rockets were fired at residential areas, specifically striking PD10, Chahar Qala Power Tower, Taheri Street, Nemat Plaza, near Salam University, Golsorkh square PD4, Sadarat square, Pul-e-Baghe Omumi, Spinzar Road, near the National Archive PD2, Laise Maryam Area, and Panjsad Family of PD11. So far, 3 deaths are reported and 11 others have been injured in the incident. Meanwhile, Emergency Hospital in Kabul said, 1 dead and 28 wounded were transferred in the ER (Emergency Room). MoI updated reports indicate, Kabul rocket attacks death toll has increased to 8 and 31 people are wounded.

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