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10.1.2020 Taliban: US, Iran tensions will not interrupt Afghan peace process
The Taliban leaders believe the recent tensions between the United States
and Iran will not interrupt the Afghan peace process led by the United

Suhail Shaheen, a spokesperson to Taliban peace delegation said the talks
between the Taliban and US peace delegation have reached at a concluding
edge and close to signing off an agreement. He said the US-Iran tensions
will not interrupt the talks, VOA reported.

“The developments will not have a negative impact on the peace process
because the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement is finalized and only remains to
be signed by the two sides,” Shaheen said.

This comes as the major issues on the recent discussions table were the US
forces withdrawal, violence reduction, ceasefire, and Intra-Afghan talks.

The details are not out yet to know how these terms have been agreed
between the Taliba and US delegations.

The recent regional tensions that arose following the death of a top
Iranian military leader by a US drone strike in Iraq, have created
concerns in reference to the Afghanistan peace process led by the United

Iran has an influence on one or several Taliban militant groups who are on
the battlefield.

A group of armed militants naming ‘Almahdi’ holding Taliban flags have
been seen during military training and rehearsals in some snowy mountains,
seemingly somewhere in Afghanistan.

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