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7.8.2019 China and Russia among proposed guarantors for the peace agreement
The Taliban’s Qatar office spokesman said on Tuesday an agreement would
soon be inked with the U.S. in the presence of a number of foreign

Suhail Shaheen told Salam Watandar the talks would continue in Qatar on
Tuesday despite Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. Special Representatives for
Afghanistan, departing for India today. He said soon an agreement would be
reached and signed in the presence of envoys from a number of regional
countries including China, Russia and the UN.

In conversation with SW, a number of political analysts said China and
Russia are key players in the Afghan conflict.

Hekmat Shahbaz, an analyst, said the presence of representatives from
China and Russia during the signing of the proposed peace agreement is

Yonus Fakoor, another analyst, stressed an agreement between the U.S. and
Taliban alone cannot ensure stability in Afghanistan. He highlighted
importance of the ceasefire and peace talks between the Taliban and the
Afghan government. Fakoor said Uygur insurgents from China and Chechen
insurgents from Russia are fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This comes as Khalilzad announced he would travel to India on Tuesday to
further build international consensus in support of the peace process.
After three-day talks with the Taliban in Qatar, he said ‘excellent
progress’ has been made. “My team & Taliban representatives will continue
to discuss technical details as well as steps and mechanisms required for
a succesful implementation of the four-part agreement we've been working
toward since my appointment. Agreement on these details is essential”, he
tweeted before departing for India.

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