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6.7.2019 Taliban kill 20 security forces in Herat, Ghor
HERAT CITY (SW) – At least 20 policemen and members of the local uprising
force got killed in the Taliban’s assaults in Ghor and Herat provinces,
officials confirmed on Wednesday.

Bahauddin Ghori, a commander of the Afghan Border Police in Herat, told
Salam Watandar the Taliban attacked their check posts on the main Herat –
Tor Gonday highway killing five policemen. He said heavily armed Taliban
overran a check post and took away arms and ammunition.

Separately, a well-placed source in Ghor province has confirmed the
killing of 15 members of local uprising force in the Saghar district.
According to the source, the rebels stormed the check posts of the local
uprising force in the Jawaja area late on Tuesday. A number of insurgents
also got killed in this attack, the source said without sharing the exact

The local officials confirmed the Taliban’s attack in Saghar district.
Abdul Hai Khatibi, spokesman for the provincial governor, also confirmed
the attack, but did not share further details.

The Taliban have not commented on this matter.

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