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12.7.2019 Daikundi: Surging insecurity forces hundreds to flee homes
Hundreds of Kejran district residents in Daikundi province are forced to
flee their homes by the mounting Taliban assaults.

According to the provincial council members, some 1800 families have fled
their homes following the Taliban’s assaults on security check posts.
Sheema Rustamyan, chairperson for the provincial council, said the growing
insecurity has also forced four boys and girls schools to close down. She
added two other schools were already closed due to mounting insurgency

She added the closure of schools at this crucial moment would leave
devastating impacts on the students. The provincial council chairperson
mentioned that the fighting between security forces and the Taliban only
intensified three weeks ago.

However, Rehmatullah Seerat, head of the directorate of education in the
province, clarified that only two schools in the restive Kejran district
closed while as the rest are functioning properly. He said the ongoing
clashes around the districts has led to absence of students, but the
schools remain open.

Daikundi shares border with restive Ghazni, Helmand, Uruzgan, Ghor and
Bamyan provinces.

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