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10.7.2019    Taliban ready for talks in areas under their control

KABUL (SW) – The Taliban insurgents expressed readiness at the Intra-Afghan Dialogue in Doha to hold peace talks in areas under their control. In an exclusive conversation with Salam Watandar, one of the Taliban delegates, Abdul Salam Hanafi, said this was the first time Afghans from various segments of the society met. He acknowledged there were some converging points while differences remained over other matters. Hanafi said all efforts are aimed to ensure Afghans reach a peace deal among them. He stressed peace and stability can only be ensured once foreign troops leave the country. He added there is an increased hope for peace. The Taliban leaders stressed foreigners are in-charge of situation in the country. The dialogue came up with a resolution calling for unity, continuation of talks for peace and confidence building among others. It said the following steps should be taken to build a trusted environment for peace and keep the nation safe from the war and its consequences. (A) – Unconditional release of elder, disabled and ill inmates. (B) – Ensuring the safety of public institutions including schools, madrassas, hospitals, markets, water dams, and workplaces. (C) – Respect educational institutions. (D) – Respect and protect the dignity of the people, their life and property and minimize civilian casualties to zero. Assuring that women’s rights are ensured in political, social, economic, educational and cultural areas within the framework of Islamic values. Agreeing on a roadmap for peace based on the following conditions: Institutionalizing Islamic system in the country. Start of the peace process simultaneously with the accomplishment of all terms and conditions set forth. Monitoring and observation of the peace agreement. Required reforms and support of basic institutions, defense and other institutions which belong to Afghans. Repatriation of migrants and return of internally displaced persons. Support and assistance from donor countries for peace agreement based on the new cooperation and relations. Insist during international conferences regarding the assurance of Afghanistan’s peace agreement. Assurance on zero interference from neighboring and regional countries in Afghanistan’s affairs. It also urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the United Nations, the European Union and Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to approve and support the joint resolution of the Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference on Peace in Doha.

10.7.2019    Мирные жители погибли в результате удара ВВС Афганистана в провинции Баглан

Семь членов одной семьи - шесть детей и их мать погибли в результате удара ВВС Афганистана по району Кутубхейль города Пули-Хумри, административного центра провинции Баглан. Отец семейства остался жив, получив тяжелые ранения. По словам депутата нижней палаты афганского парламента Асадуллы Шахбаза, местные жители перекрыли дорогу, ведущую из Баглана в Кундуз, требуя призвать к ответу виновников трагедии. Представители правоохранительных органов воздержались от комментариев по этому инциденту, тем самым его признав. -0-

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