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14.5.2019    Worrying surge in crimes alarm Kabul residents

KABUL (SW) – Residents in the capital Kabul have been alarmed by worrying surge in crimes. In conversation with Salam Watandar, two such Kabul residents studying at the Kabul University said no one is feeling safe on the streets in the capital city. They said street crimes, killings and abductions have surged phenomenally. Mohammad Asif Jabarkhail, a Kabul resident, said he is witness to one such brazen incident of armed robbery. “I saw two men armed with a pistol and a knife deprive a girl of her valet, mobile and other valuables, and run away”, he recalled. He want the security forces to confiscate all illegal arms, and impose a ban on riding motorcycle in the city. In views of security analyst, Abdul Ghafar Gardezi, Kabul residents are too frightened to come out of their homes in the evening. He said criminals that are arrested get away easily. Gardezi said there is a lack of professional service members in the security sector and instead elements seeking their interests in continuation of unrest are in the security sector. However, Firdaus Faramarz, spokesman for police in Kabul, has clarified the situation in the capital city is not that worst. He went on to say security has improved in the city, and crime rate has dropped. Earlier this week, a leading former female journalist Mina Mangal was shot dead in bright day light in the 8th district of Kabul.

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