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10.5.2019 Landmines kill 12 civilians in Daikundi, Faryab
DAIKUNDI (SW) – A landmine blast in Daikundi province killed at least eight
civilians, an official said on Friday.

Haji Baal Khan, governor of Nawamesh district, has said a passenger
mini-bus was on its way from Daikundi to Kandahar when a roadside landmine
hit it. He confirmed eight civilians got killed and three more got injured
in this incident.

He blamed the Taliban for laying this landmine in the area. The district
governor said civilians have been boring the brunt of such war tactics by
the insurgents.

The Taliban did not take responsibility for the attack.

Separately, four children of the nomad community were killed and five
others got injured in a similar incident of roadside landmine blast.

Abdul Kareem Yourish, spokesman for the provincial police headquarters,
said the children were with a flock of sheep when the roadside landmine
hit them. The incident took place in the Dawlat Abad district, he said,
adding the injured children have been sent for treatment to neighboring
Jawzjan province.

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