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10.5.2019 Deadly assault on Counterpart traumatizes Kabul residents
KABUL (SW) – The deadly Taliban-claimed assault on Counterpart NGO in Kabul
has left shockwaves of horror that continue to haunt many residents of the

A number of Kabul residents living close to the office of Counterpart told
Salam Watandar they feel deeply traumatized after the attack.

Haji Hazrat, one such resident, said the attackers initially mistakenly
enter his home consider it to be the U.S. NGO they wished to storm. This
man said he received a call from his family members saying the insurgents
are roaming around their home. He said though no one in his family was
harmed, but the spell has traumatized them forever.

A number of offices and shops have also been seriously damaged.

Khalil Ahmad, one such affected shopkeeper, said the attack has seriously
damaged his psychological health. He said looting took place from a number
of shops as the owners fled for their lives after the attack.

Busy cleaning the site of the assault, a number of Kabul Municipality
workers said they always feel frightened in the night. They said cleaning
such sites of deadly assaults has also affected their appetite.

Five attackers stormed the Counterpart office in Shahr-e-Nau area on
Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Interior nine people got killed in
this attack and 20 others got wounded.

The Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahed, took responsibility for the

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani dubbed it as ‘unforgivable crime’.
In a statement he urged the Taliban to respect the calls for peace or get
ready to face the wrath of the Afghan security forces.

Ann Hudock, President and CEO of Counterpart, said in a statement the
attack was an attack on innocent civilians, development professionals who
dedicate their lives to improving the lives of Afghanistan’s most
vulnerable, including women, youth, and the disabled.

Counterpart clarified its program office in Kabul runs civil society
engagement programs in Afghanistan to encourage peace, increase youth
participation, strengthen rights, and improve opportunities for women. 

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