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12.4.2019 Taliban announce spring offensive amid ongoing efforts for a political settlement
The Taliban militants group announced the launch of Al-Fath spring
offensive amid ongoing efforts to find a negotiated political settlement
to end the ongoing violence in the country.

The group issued a statement earlier today claiming that the new spring
offensive has been launched considering the political and military
presence of foreigners in Afghanistan.

The statement further added that the offensive has been launched in
response to Khalid spring offensive which was announced by Taliban at the
start of the new Afghan year.

The group has also claimed that Taliban fighters “possess unbreakable
Jihadi determination and benefit from armed experience, new tactics,
public support, influence inside enemy ranks and advanced weapons
therefore we are hopeful that with Help from Allah (SwT), large areas
including townships and other centers shall be cleansed from enemy

“Mujahideen brothers must protect themselves from treachery, theft,
treason and other prohibited actions in Jihadi affairs. Protecting lives
and property of fellow countrymen and guarding public reserves and welfare
projects are also part of your responsibilities,” the statement added.

This comes as Afghan government announced the launch of Khalid spring
offensive at the start of new Afghan year on 21st March.

The Afghan security officials had earlier said that the national defense
and security forces will increase offensive operations against the
militant groups with the start of the new year.

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