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5.11.2019 Probe launched into breaking of locks at the IEC
KABUL (SW) – The Independent Election Commission has confirmed the locks at
the door of the server room where biometric data is being transferred were
indeed broken.

A commission member, Raheema Zarifi, told a presser on Tuesday that
investigation into the incident has been launched. A day earlier, the
commission described the incident as a hoax. Zarifi said those behind this
unforgiveable incident have undermined the commission’s operations.

Aurangzaib, another member of the commission, stressed there is a need to
expedite transferring election date to the servers as further delay would
eventually postpone the outcome. He blamed the large number of election
observers as a reason for this delay, and urged them to cooperate with the
commission. He added initial investigations suggest two commission
employees opened the look to enter the server room due to cold outside.

Musafar Qoqandi, a commission official, told Salam Watandar that the
transfer of biometric date to the server room has been on halt for the
past four days. He added the German manufacturer of the biometric
verification device, Dermalog, sent the commission a letter four days
informing about it.

The IEC sought apology from public few days back over delay in
announcement of preliminary results.

The Stability and Partnership team claimed the State Builder team was
involved in breaking of the locks, an allegation rejected by their rival

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