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25.11.2019 Security firm pays Kabul Municipality 5.76m in fines for cutting 24 trees along Airport Road
A Security firm paid Kabul Municipality 5.76 million Afghanis in fines for
cutting 24 trees alongside Airport Road, the Kabul Municipality said.

According to a statement released by Kabul Municipality, the Security Firm
had cut 24 trees along Airport Road late in August, without coordinating
Kabul Municipality.

The statement further added that the municipal authority recently followed
up issue, forcing the security firm to transfer the sum of 5.76 million
Afghanis to the account of Kabul Municipality.

The statement also added that Kabul Municipality has prioritized equal
implementation of law with an aim to prevent the repeat of such violations
in the future.

The Kabul Mayor Ahmad Zaki Sarfaraz called an emergency meeting late in
August and fined the Security Firm 5.76 million Afghanis for cutting the
trees alongside the Airport Road.

The Kabul Municipality also stopped the operations of the firm and removed
its containers from the area in reaction to the cutting of the trees which
had also sparked furor among the residents of Kabul.

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