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1.11.2019 Condemnations pour in as mosque bombing claims 66 lives
 The brazen mosque bombing during Friday prayers in Nangarhar province has
been vehemently condemned at home and abroad as the death toll soars to 66
killed and over 30 injured.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said in a statement while condemning the
attack that the Taliban have paved way with their terrorizing actions for
Daesh and other terrorist groups to stage such attacks.

Elsewhere, religious scholars in Balkh province on Saturday denounced this
attack. At a moot, the scholars dubbed such terrorist attacks as entirely
inhuman and against the basic values of Islam. They said those behind such
attacks want to defame Islam.

The Amnesty International called for holding the perpetrators of this
attack accountable while the U.S. Ambassador in Afghanistan, John Bass,
said such an attack on innocent civilians gathered for prayers is

The Wolesi Jirga (lower house) held a special session on the incident. The
house urged the government to expedite efforts to identify and bring to
justice those behind the attack.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry extended the offer of full support to
Afghanistan in combating terrorism in this connection. Iran has dubbed the
attack as an evil act of terrorism.

NATO has reaffirmed its support to Afghanistan in combating terrorism.

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