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31.12.2018 Taliban leaders met Iranian officials in Tehran on Sunday
The political leaders of the Taliban group met with the Iranian officials
in Tehran on Sunday in what appears to be the second meeting between
Taliban and Tehran over the past recent weeks.

A spokesman of the foreign ministry of Iran, Bahram Qasemi confirmed that
the the talks were held with the knowledge of Afghanistan President Ashraf
Ghani and were intended to set parameters for negotiations between the
Taliban and the Afghan government.

“A Taliban delegation was in Tehran yesterday. They had comprehensive
negotiations with the Iranian deputy foreign minister,” Bahram Qasemi was
quoted as saying in a report by Reuters.

This comes as Ali Shamkhani, the Secretary of the National Security
Council of Iran on Wednesday informed his Afghan counterpart that Tehran
has been holding talks with the Taliban with the knowledge of the Afghan

The talks were held “to help curb the security problems in Afghanistan,”
Shamkhani told Hamdullah Mohib, the Afghan president’s national security

“All contacts and talks with the Taliban group have been with the
knowledge of Afghanistan’s government and this process will continue,” the
top Iranian security official was quoted as saying by Tehran Times.

Shamkhani arrived to Kabul leading a delegation of high-ranking Iranian
security, military and political officials.

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