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15.3.2017 Australian abducted aid worker freed after months in captivity
An Australian aid worker who was kidnapped in Afghanistan has been
released, a media report said on Wednesday citing the Australian
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) issued a statement
confirming the woman was free.

The woman was abducted in November last year in the Afghan capital Kabul
at gunpoint, ACB news said.

It did not provide any information about how, or why, the woman was

"We thank the authorities in Afghanistan for their support and assistance.
The Australian Government has provided ongoing consular support," DFAT

"[The woman's] family welcomes her safe return and asks that the media
respect their privacy at this time."

Afghanistan has been plagued by kidnappings, with several foreign aid
workers being taken, including Australians.

Kerry Jane Wilson, who was abducted from the office of a charity in the
eastern city of Jalalabad, was freed in August last year.

But another Australian working as a teacher at the American University in
Kabul was kidnapped, along with an American colleague, in the same month.

Ransom is often the motive for abductions in Afghanistan, but the
Government has not said if that applied in this case.

The Government has been reticent to reveal information about kidnappings,
arguing that drawing attention to them will only encourage further
abductions in the region.

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