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15.3.2017 President Ghani rejects proposed uniform design for school girls
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has rejected the proposed uniforms for the
school girls prepared by the Ministry of Education.
Shah Hussain Murtazawi, a spokesman for President Ghani, said the proposed
designed has been dismissed as in appropriate and in contrast with the
culture of the country.
He said President Ghani has rejected the proposed design, insisting that
no design will be acceptable unless the economic situation of the families
has been taken into consideration.
President Ghani has instructed the Ministry of Education to work on
another design in consultation with the teachers, parents, and the school
He has said the proposed should include the considerations to be
economically viable for the families and in line with the traditions of
the country.
This comes as the picture so of the proposed design went viral on social
media today after it was released by the Ministry of Education.
There have been mixed reactions regarding the proposed design with some
saying the government should not force the school students to wear the new
According to the design, the blue color dress has been proposed for the
school girls studying in preliminary classes while the gray color has been
proposed for the medium and high school students.

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